Headquartered in São Paulo, and with national operations, AEA Educação Continuada is the result of more than two decades of work. As a result, the company is today a leader and reference in the training segment in the areas of architecture and urbanism, engineering, civil construction and real estate asset management.

The AEA Educação Continuada Educational project aims to bring professionals to the forefront of knowledge applied to the most prominent topics today. For this, we mix traditional methods of teaching with modern and interactive techniques, offering from face-to-face classes, guided technical visits and distance learning.

The themes and learning materials offered by us allow different ways of adapting to the participant’s reality, according to the availability of time and resources that he intends to invest in his professional development.

We have a renowned multidisciplinary team, including specialists, masters, doctors and projection professionals in each area of ​​expertise, who in addition to academic experience take the practical experience to the classroom environment, providing participants with greater exchange of information and the possibility of sharing problems and solutions.

In addition, the participant has the opportunity to interact and network while adding to his curriculum the differentials necessary to increase his personal experience and professional career.